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How much do hearing aids cost?

Many people wonder how tiny hearing aids can cost $1,000 or more, per device. The answer is simple: more goes into great hearing than meets the eye. Discover what the price of hearing aids includes—from ingenious design to a comprehensive delivery to free aftercare.
Small in size, huge in benefits

Small in size, huge in benefits

Complex, cutting-edge, and often custom-made, hearing aids are regulated medical devices. Most hearing aid wearers use them seven days a week and get great performance year after year. When you divide the cost of hearing aids by the thousands of days you own them, the hearing aid price turns out to be much less than you’d think.

Hearing aid wearers say they cannot put a price on the freedom their hearing aids bring. It is worth much more than money to hear loved ones; feel confident at work; enjoy TV, music, and phone calls; and easily carry on a conversation with friends in a noisy environment. 

Considering hearing aids?


What goes into the cost of hearing aids?

When researching the average cost of hearing aids, consider what comes with every set.


A free comprehensive hearing evaluation by a licenced specialist using the latest equipment. Every hearing loss is different, so the right diagnosis and prescription is vital to a great outcome.


Assistance in choosing the style and model right for your issue, lifestyle, and budget.


A hearing aid fitting customised to you, plus follow-up visits—all included.


Adjustments to your instruments via an app —no trip to the clinic needed.


Ongoing education to ensure you use the wonderful features offered by your hearing devices, including wireless connectivity, free apps, accessories, and more.

Game-changing technology in a tiny package

Today’s hearing aid prices reflect the technological wonders they truly are. Hearing aids rival the most advanced consumer electronics on the market. Award-winning micro-chip technology and discreet design give people what they want. In the recent Hearing Review Market Trak Survey IX, participants said their satisfaction with hearing aids depends on:

  • Clarity of sound
  • Natural, rich sound
  • Comfort hearing loud sounds
  • Power to suppress background noise
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to hear 360 degrees around
  • No feedback

Beltone hearing aids deliver all of the above and more. So, if you think hearing aids just amplify sound, check out the technology that goes into giving you an amazing listening experience. 

Another component of hearing aids cost

It takes several years, millions of dollars, and thousands of employees to research, design, develop, manufacture, and test a line of high-quality hearing aids. Each product line contains multiple styles and performance levels to accommodate all types of hearing loss and all budgets. Further, hearing aids are considered wearable medical devices and must comply with local, state, and federal regulations. 

When you invest in your hearing with Beltone, the hearing aid price also includes highly educated and trained specialists and staff who know exactly how to fit your instruments—initially—and as your hearing changes over time. We also provide ongoing education and support to ensure you get maximum value from your purchase. Our goal is to help you hear better, so if the hearing aids cost more than you or a loved one can afford, please ask about our financing options.

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What about hearing aids sold online?

The average cost of hearing aids available online is less than the price of hearing aids purchased from a hearing specialist for one very good reason: you get less. 

  • When you purchase online, you are not professionally tested or fitted using clinically validated testing and fitting procedures. How will you know what is right for your hearing loss or if the device you receive will even fit? 
  • An amplification device just makes sounds uniformly louder, which can cause discomfort. Plus, amplified-only sound has none of the nuances of real-life sound, and offers no features to control or enhance sounds quality or stream sound from your favourite devices. 
  • After-sale support and servicing may be short-lived or non-existent. What happens if your device needs cleaning, adjusting, or repairing?

A finding from the Hearing Review Market Trak Survey VIII found that hearing aid users who received a comprehensive clinical protocol to get hearing aids were 99% satisfied with the benefits they received from hearing aids. Compare that to hearing aid users, such as internet purchasers, who received an incomplete fitting and adjustment protocol—of that group, only 12% were satisfied.

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