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Beltone myPAL - Extend your hearing range

Non face-to-face communication can be a challenge for everyone – hearing aids or not. The Beltone myPAL is a small portable microphone you hand over to the person you want to hear. It captures the sound clearly, even in noisy environments, and streams it directly into your hearing aids, bringing the conversation or entertainment closer to you. It’s that simple.
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Beltone myPAL helps you hear exactly what you want to hear in noisy or crowded environments, such as restaurants, lectures, meetings, airports and family events.

Beltone myPAL can also be placed near the television at a friend's house, for example, to stream the program directly into your hearing aids. You can listen at the volume you prefer, without changing what others hear.

Plus, myPAL can be connected to your PC, iPad®, or MP3 player, to stream audio to your hearing instruments, at home or on the go. So, no matter where life takes you, you won't miss a moment.

myPAL Micro
  • Wireless range of up to 25 m (clear line of sight) keeps you in touch even at a distance
  • Directional microphone for clear, crisp sound
  • On-board volume control and mute functionality
  • Drop detection, which mutes the sound transmission if it’s dropped from a height above 75 cm (29.5 inches)
  • Visual status indicators help you keep an eye on current status and mode of operation
  • Battery life of 10 hours for all-day confidence
myPAL Pro

All the features of myPAL Micro, plus:

  • When used horizontally myPAL Pro automatically switches into a table mode optimized for picking up the voices of multiple speakers
  • Extended choice of connectivity options
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Small and lightweight device for hands-free calling. 
Enjoy clear sound from your TV or any other audio device.