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Pensacola middle school music teacher Steve Box receives Beltone Safe & Sound Award for hearing health advocacy
CHICAGO, IL, August 14, 2017 — Pensacola middle school and community church music director Steve Box, 55, was recently honored with the Beltone Safe & Sound Award for his advocacy for hearing health and screening and his willingness to publicly address his need for hearing aids.

"Teaching music has been the main constant of my entire life," commented Box, who works at Shoal River Middle School in Pensacola. "When I thought I would have to stop doing what I loved, I became reclusive and depressed. Now, with these hearing aids, I can hear so well I have to ask my son to turn down the TV! I just wish someone had brought this to my attention earlier. I dislike doctors and tests as much as the next person, but all you have to do at the screening is listen. Stop making excuses and go get your ears checked! A lifetime of sound is worth the 30-minute test."

Box joins two firefighters, an ER nurse and a police officer as Beltone Safe & Sound heroes who serve the public despite their hearing loss and who advocate for hearing health and hearing aid use, helping to diminish the stigma associated with hearing loss.

"Beltone has given me more time to do what I love, which is teaching students," says Box. "They've opened up so many new opportunities for my future and I'm so grateful."

"Beltone is proud to recognize community heroes who have addressed their hearing impairment and have continued to stay on the job through our Safe & Sound Initiative," says Corrine Perritano, president of Beltone North America. "Our Safe and Sound Heroes represent those who work in fields where the ability to hear is one of the most important tools they have. As a musician, no one fits this description better than Steve Box. Today, with this award and with our heroes’ stories, we hope to inspire others who believe they may have hearing loss to get a screening and get back to their full potential, doing what they love most."

More than 48 million Americans (20 percent) have hearing loss; only one in four take action to improve their ability to hear. Consumers can get free hearing screenings at Beltone offices to establish their hearing benchmark; subsequent screenings can detect any loss.

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