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Caring for Someone with Hearing Loss

Being a caregiver can sometimes be a thankless job, especially if the person you’re caring for has a hearing loss. Communicating becomes increasingly difficult as the stress level of the job at hand rises. To help shoulder some of the burden of caring for someone with hearing loss, here are some tips to take into consideration. 

Posted 01-24-2019 by Amy Duvall

Address the Hearing Loss
The most important step in coping with a person who has a hearing loss is to address it - gently.  Be empathetic, supportive and understanding as accepting hearing loss can be challenging, especially if the person you’re care for is in denial.
Educate Yourself
Distinguish fact from fiction. For instance, buying a hearing aid online, despite how cheap they are, is NOT the best course of action as the hearing aids are not designed specifically for the individual.
There’s Power in Numbers
If possible, gather friends and family of the person with hearing loss. Having a support group around can not only ease any confusion or fears of getting a hearing screening and hearing aids, but it will ease the stress on you, the caregiver.
If you suspect hearing loss in a friend or family member you’re caring for, please do not hesitate to reach out for help. Call us at 1-800-BELTONE to schedule a hearing screening and consultation with your nearest Beltone office.