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Troublesome Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

Many people don't realize if you leave your hearing loss untreated, there is a good chance it can be gone for good.  If you believe you have any kind of hearing difficulty it is best to be proactive and visit your doctor or an audiologist to get your hearing checked.  Other reasons to be concerned for hearing loss, is how it can affect your health beyond just having a hard time hearing.  Hearing loss can lead to some dangerous diseases.  The following are some difficulties you may face if hearing loss is untreated:

Posted 03-12-2019 by Nick Eugenis

Dementia & Alzheimer's 
Scientists believe people who have a difficult time hearing will simply not pay attention and "tune out" depriving their brains of stimulation.  When this happens, parts of your brain will start wasting away and can lead to diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's.  People who treated thei hearing loss did not suffer higher rates of brain disease.

Heart Disease
According to the CDC, Heart Disease is the most common disease in the US today.  Just how, though, are the ears connected to the heart?  Studies have found that hearing loss and heart disease are indeed connected by reduced flow of blood.  Your inner ear s extremely sensitive to the smallest of changes in blood flow restrictions.  Anyone experiencing hearing loss should potentially follow-up with a cardiologist to ensure they aren't related.

Social isolation & depression
Similar to how people who aren't listening "tune out" and are at risk for dementia & Alzheimer's, those who have difficulty hearing can withdraw themselves from social events as well.  People with hearing loss will avoid having one-on-one conversations with others and will find thsmelves keeping quiet around others.

Unfortunately, poor hearing continues to have a stigma, but it is extremely important to be proactive as soon as you believe you are having hearing difficulties. 

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