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Which Hearing Aid is Right For You?

Beltone is your hearing care partner, here to help you make sense of all the information out there so you can begin your journey to better hearing.

Posted 05-18-2020 by webdamMediaSynchronizationUser

As the nation’s trusted hearing care experts, we know that hearing aids can vastly improve the quality of life for the 48 million Americans with hearing loss. And when it comes to buying hearing aids, we know the options can seem overwhelming.

During this challenging time, you don’t need the added stress of trying to determine which hearing aid is right for you. Beltone is your hearing care partner, here to help you make sense of all the information out there so you can begin your journey to better hearing.

Types of Hearing Aids
A hearing aid is an electronic device worn in or behind the ear to amplify sound and help wearers hear better in different environments. All Beltone hearing aids are digital and wireless, providing a personalized listening experience that can easily adapt to your environment.

We offer seven different styles of hearing aids that fall into three main categories:

  • Behind-the-Ear - Small, easy to wear all day, and budget-friendly, this device matches your hair and complexion, so it is easily hidden.
  • Receiver-in-Ear - Virtually invisible, featuring a tiny casing that hides behind your ear and connects via a miniature transparent tube to a tiny component in your ear canal.
  • Custom - Some of the smallest styles available that are custom-made to fit your ear anatomy for the best comfort and sound quality.

Find the Right Hearing Aid
Hearing aids are more than just a product. They are an investment and experience that will impact every aspect of your life. Keeping this in mind, we encourage you to follow these five steps to help find the right hearing aid:

  1. Find a hearing care professional you trust.


  2. Schedule a telehealth consultation from the comfort and safety of your home.


  3. Review your medical history and lifestyle needs with your hearing care professional.


  4. Teat your hearing at a Beltone office, at a curbside evaluation, or even at home. Request an appointment at the Beltone location nearest you.


  5. Review your results with your hearing care professional, and try a Beltone hearing aid before you buy.

With many different types and styles of hearing aids available today, finding the perfect solution has never been easier or more rewarding. And there is a Beltone hearing solution for every lifestyle, budget and type of hearing loss!

When you choose Beltone, you get more than just a hearing aid. You get a hearing care partner by your side every step of the way—before, during and after your purchase.

Your hearing is important, so let us help you take your first step toward better hearing and a better life. Begin your journey to better hearing with Beltone today by submitting an online form or calling 1-800-BELTONE. Our expert hearing care professionals are here for you and ready to help you find a hearing solution that is right for you.