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Me & my Ally

Beltone Ally is a digital wireless hearing aid family with advanced and easy-to-use features, never before seen in this class of hearing aids.
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Better hearing and better life quality
Welcome back to better hearing and better life quality. With Beltone Ally hearing aids, life can be more rewarding. When you simply need to hear better, Beltone Ally is always there for you, like a reliable friend.
Advanced hearing aids yet easy to handle
Beltone Ally has a great collection of advanced features to help you hear better. With Beltone Ally you will stay in the conversation, even if the party gets a bit loud. Its superb Wind Noise Reduction and Sound Cleaner features will help reduce the background noise, such as wind, air conditioning or a busy restaurant. Speech Spotter will let your Beltone Ally adapt to where the sound is coming from, so you can follow the conversation better.
Reliable, like a good friend
With Beltone Ally you can do all the things you love in life with confidence. If you like outdoor activities, you can be sure that moisture from sweat or rain is nothing to worry about – Beltone Ally’s special HPF80 NanoBlock coating can handle it.
Stream sound from anywhere into your hearing aids
With a direct wireless connection to your hearing aids, it’s simple and convenient for you to hear your TV and stereo directly through your hearing aids, just like headphones – without the inconvenience of cables, a relay device or a connector around your neck.
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Control your Beltone Ally hearing aids discreetly with SmartRemote app

 Use your iPhone® or Android™ phone to easily and discreetly control your hearing aids and adjust volume and programs remotely. All you need is the Direct Phone Link 2.
Design and styles
Beltone Ally comes in a variety of discreet, cosmetic models and colors, so you can easily find a hearing aid style that suits you.

Beltone Ally features

  • Type of hearing loss
  • Design and styles
  • Sound Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Additional Features
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