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How much do hearing aids cost?

Many people wonder why tiny hearing aids should cost more than a few dollars per device. The answer is simple: more goes into great hearing than meets the eye. Learn what the price of hearing aids includes—from design to purchase and beyond.

Small in size, but big in benefits

Complex, cutting-edge, and often custom-made, hearing aids are regulated medical devices. Most hearing aid wearers use them seven days a week and get great performance year after year. When you divide the cost of hearing aids by the thousands of days you own them, the price turns out to be a lot less than you’d think.

Most importantly, hearing aid wearers report not being able to put a price on the freedom their hearing aids bring them. Consider how much it's worth to be able to:

  • Hear loved ones
  • Feel confident at work
  • Carry on conversations with friends
  • Enjoy going to church or the theater once again
  • Listen to television, music, or phone calls

Some things in life are worth more than money.


What goes into the cost of hearing aids?

When researching the cost of hearing aids, consider what comes with your Beltone hearing aids:


A comprehensive hearing evaluation by a licensed specialist using the latest equipment. Every hearing loss is different, so the right diagnosis and prescription is vital to a great outcome.


Personal help with selecting the style and model that's best for your hearing issue, lifestyle, and budget.


A hearing aid fitting that's customized to you, plus follow-up visits for adjustments as needed.


Remote adjustments to your instruments via an app if preferred — no office visit needed!


Support resources to ensure you enjoy all the wonderful features offered by your hearing aids, including wireless connectivity, smartphone apps, accessories, and more.


Ongoing care for your hearing aids for as long as you own them.


A strong warranty you can rely on.

Game-changing technology in a tiny package

Today’s hearing aids prices reflect the technological wonders they truly are. Hearing aids rival the most advanced consumer electronics on the market. Award-winning micro-chip technology and discreet design offer:

  • Clarity of sound
  • Natural, rich sound
  • Comfort hearing loud sounds
  • Power to suppress background noise
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to hear 360 degrees around
  • No feedback

Beltone hearing aids deliver all of the above and more.

The most important part of your hearing aids

When you invest in your hearing with Beltone, the price of your new hearing aids also includes highly educated and trained hearing care professionals, who'll remain available to help you as long as you own Beltone hearing aids. If your hearing changes or your hearing aids require adjustment or repair, you'll know exactly where to go for support.

From the moment you first visit us, our mission is to deliver a high-quality hearing solution to you.

Make an appointment today to meet your local Beltone team.

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Buy-back, leasing, and third-party programs

A trade-in program lets you lower the cost of hearing aids that feature newer technology by trading in your current hearing aids. Learn about the Beltone Buy-back Program here.

A leasing program gives customers the opportunity to choose and use hearing aids for a fixed period of time. At the end of the lease, you can purchase, upgrade,* or return your hearing aids. Beltone partners with Allegro Credit.

Recent data tells us that about 40% of Americans have third-party payment options available to help offset the cost of hearing aids. Your insurance provider can tell you about benefits you may have. Most plans cover approximately 85% of your instruments every few years. If you are a United States military veteran, check with the Veteran’s Administration (VA). If you qualify, the VA generally pays for your hearing aids and associated costs every few years.

*If electing to upgrade, a new lease agreement is required and will be subject to approval of a new lease application.

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