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The Beltone Hearing Care Foundation

How do you apply for the Foundation?

Visit your local Beltone office and discuss the Foundation with your Hearing Care Practitioner. If it has been determined that you would like to move forward with the application process, then read the program guidelines and application form in their entirety

Complete the application form with your Hearing Care Practitioner Mail the Completed application to:

Beltone Hearing Care Foundation
2 East Beaver Creek Road, Building 3
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 2N3

There is a 30-day review period for Foundation nominations. 

Once the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation Review Boards has made its selections, you will be notified directly by a member of the Board via phone or e-mail

What is the Hearing Care Foundation?

The Beltone Hearing Care Foundation, a charitable organization, donates hearing instruments to those in need of hearing help who may otherwise be unable to access it. Both individuals and organizations are eligible to receive assistance from the Foundation through direct nominations by Beltone staff or network members.

A couple of the Hearing Care Foundation recipients
To the Beltone Foundation,

My name is Heather Bryant and I have recently been blessed by your company with a pair of Hearing Aids that you have provided for me. I am writing this letter of thanks for your generosity. I cannot really put into words what you have done for me, you and Brad Ferguson has really changed my life.
When I went for my hearing test here in Brad's office of Pikeville, I already knew that I have bad hearing and that my insurance would not cover the hearing aids I would need. I thought about canceling several times, because I did not want to go through the disappointment that would come. I am glad that I changed my mind thanks to Sherry (secretary in Brad's office) she convinced me that you may have a program that could help me. So I chose to go and after the test with Brad, he said that I really need the Hearing Aids, he told me about your program and had me write to you about how I really need them. I mention to you in the letter that I could not hear the preacher in church and how I would go but not really able to enjoy the sermons because I could not hear it. I also told you about not being able to hear the conversations with my family, friends, parents and husband. I also could not hear if there was anyone outside the house and how I would sometimes be alone overnight, it really would scare me. I also had a hard time getting a job, because I could not hear the person conducting the interview. That all changed on April 12th when Sherry called to tell me that I have been approved by your foundation for a set of Hearing Aids, I was so ready to get them that I was almost out the door when she told me to come in the next day for my ear molds. I was over the moon.

When I got them ten days later I was not prepared on how my life would be different. I am able now to have conversations with my family, friends, parents and husband. I am able to enjoy church because I can hear the sermons, the prayer request and the hymns. I can hear if there is anyone outside. I can hear my customers at my new job at Food City without having everything turn up so loud. I even named my hearing aids they are called my EARS. I know that the world was a noisy place, now I do not have to just see and pretend to part of it, I can actually hear it and I love it.
I am enjoying my life now and I have you and Brad to thank for it. Thank you so much for giving me my ears. Your determination and Brad support has really changed my life.

With all the Thanks and Love - Heather Bryant

Dear Beltone,

I want to thank you for my hearing aids. I was born 25% deaf in both ears, but I didn't find out until my twenties. Now at 47, I'm about 60%. In three years, I would probably be completely deaf. I have a lot of appreciation for my sister and Beltone, because without them I would still be walking around not being able to hear. Your hearing is nothing to take for granted. I'm so grateful that I have my sister who cares enough to contact Beltone, and didn't give up and Beltone to care enough to take the time and effort to make sure I heard correctly. Now I can hear someone whisper to me from across the table.

With much love and appreciation, Grace Dickinson


Dear Beltone,

I don’t even know where to begin, these hearing aids have changed my life!! I had tried for years 23 years to get hearing aids, but I was always turned away from hearing aid dealers. None of them ever tried to help. I was to the point of desperation and I was praying, begging God to send someone to help me because I was tired of not hearing. Shortly after I prayed Joe’s Beltone office called me and asked me if I had ever been able to get hearing aids. They scheduled me for a re-test and then once again I was denied but this time, I had someone who went out of their way to help. Joe contacted the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation and I was approved!!! I believe with all my heart that God had Joe’s Beltone office make the call that day because my hearing has been restored. I can hear everyone at my job, I can hear my wife and for the first time in my daughter’s life I can hear her without her screaming at me. The TV went from 100 down to 32 and I was able to go the movie theatre and enjoy the movie for the first time in my adult life. I am hearing sounds that I have never heard before. My daughter Katherine is amazed that I can now hear the music in restaurants and enjoy it even in background noise. In short, there is not enough paper in Joe’s Beltone office to write down all the benefits I am experiencing now. Thank you, Beltone Hearing Care Foundation, for changing not only my life but the lives of all those around me. Thank you, Joe, for caring enough to spend the time to help me. Sincerely, Jesse Greene & Family

Carolyn had older technology that is obsolete and was not working properly (over 9 years old). She was struggling to hear as she is dealing with a moderately sever loss and had the need for newer technology for her range of loss. Carolyn has been interviewing for a new career and had difficulty with the process.  It was important to Carolyn to be able to hear clearly and put her best foot forward as she pursued her goals. Through the Beltone Foundation, we were able to fit Carolyn to a new pair of First 17’s which will allow her to adjust to a variety of different environments, be more aware and improve her speech discrimination. This in turn will help her quest for a new career and allow her to shine on interviews!  She was extremely grateful and excited to be selected.  This will be just the beginning of great things to come for Carolyn!