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Double Your Listening Pleasure

Two eyes, two legs, two arms, two hands; see a pattern here?  Could you get along with only one of each pair?  Sure, but would you want to if you had the choice? People who are ready to receive the benefits of hearing help often ask whether two hearing aids are necessary. They wonder whether one hearing aid would suffice.

can my hearing aid be invisible
Posted 02-11-2013 by Marketing Department

There are definite advantages to wearing two hearing aids, compared to one:

  • Being able to localize the source of a sound. A skill that can be helpful when you’re trying to find your cell phone in the house. (My recommendation is to check between the sofa cushions.)
  • Hearing sound directed to either ear. For example, if you were driving and couldn’t hear well in your right ear, you would have difficulty hearing the person in the passenger seat.  (Although I can’t attest to this myself, many husbands and wives may consider this an advantage.)
  • Two hearing aids mean you don’t have to set the volume as loud as you do with only one hearing aid. That makes for a more comfortable listening experience.
  • Two hearing aids give you more natural sound quality by providing a more “spatial”, or stereo, effect.
Some very recent studies have shown that in certain unique listening situations, one hearing aid may perform better than two for some individuals. In these situations, it’s easy to turn one hearing aid on and off via a remote control.

As always, the only way to find out if you need hearing help is to visit a hearing care professional for testing. If possible, choose someone you’ve heard positive things about, in terms of the quality of their care.  Hearing aids take a bit of time to get used to (whether one or two), so it’s important to  see someone who will work with you at the beginning, and, over time.

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