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New Hearing Aid Technology Makes for “Easy Listening”

Digital technology has impacted so much of our lives these days; it’s not surprising that digital advancements have revolutionized hearing aid quality as well.

can my hearing aid be invisible
Posted 04-29-2014 by Marketing Department

Today’s hearing aid options are smaller, more versatile and more effective than ever before, allowing for automatic sound level adjustments that change according to one’s surroundings, the ability to target someone’s voice in background noise, and more. 

Let’s review some recent advances.

Simulating Natural Sound

With their micro-processor technology, modern hearing aids are really tiny computers, capable of adjusting to a variety of noise scenarios.

But to achieve the most natural sound quality possible, your first step is always a professional fitting. In fact, no advancements in technology can bypass the benefits of an expert fitting.

For example, a Beltone hearing care professional will program your hearing aids to your specific hearing loss using our proprietary fitting software. This software is patient-focused and allows you to participate in the the process. You will get the chance to experience our exclusive Beltone AVE™ sound system during your hearing aid fitting, which simulates over 200 sounds of life.

You’ll receive settings recommendations based on your lifestyle needs as well, and you’ll have all settings reviewed and saved for your follow up visits. These settings can also be shared with any of over 1500 U.S. Beltone offices should you need to visit one while traveling.

Additionally, for patients who are new to hearing aids and may need a gradual introduction to hearing sounds again, new technology allows us to activate a gradual change in settings as you become acclimated to hearing sounds you haven’t heard in quite some time.

iPhone® Controls

With the launch of Beltone First™, users are able to experience our first made for iPhone hearing aid, which allows you to not only stream sound directly from your iPhone, but to adjust your hearing aids with your iPhone, too. Also, you can save sound settings for the various places you visit, and those settings are automatically recalled when you return to those locations.

CrossLink Directionality™ Simulates the Ways Natural Hearing Works

Clearly hearing what people say when there’s a lot of background noise is a top request from individuals with hearing trouble. An important advancement in targeting a speaker’s voice in background noise is the directional microphone. Earlier hearing aids featured an omnidirectional microphone, which picked up sounds from any direction equally.

With a directional microphone, sounds from the front are amplified more than those coming from other directions. This is particularly practical when someone is in front of you speaking, which is often the case. And with an adaptive directional microphone, the hearing aid is programmed to follow the speech signal as it moves in different directions.

With Beltone Promise and Beltone First hearing aids, we introduced an innovative approach to the application of directional sound processing, for the most natural sound yet.

CrossLink Directionality incorporates the input from both ears to determine the presence, level and location of the acoustic inputs. The most advantageous directional response is then applied to each ear.

Additionally, low frequencies are processed in an omnidirectional pattern and high frequencies are processed directionally, which mimics the normal behavior of how low and high frequency sounds pass around the head and are heard.

With new research milestones being reached all the time, and innovative technology steadily improving hearing aids, people who need hearing help are shopping for hearing aids at the best possible time.

If you have misconceptions about hearing aids, you owe it to yourself to visit a Beltone specialist to see what they’re really all about. At the very least, explore our website for a glimpse into the many different kinds of hearing aids available today.