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Beltone Legends Winner: Mr. John Devlin

As part of our ongoing celebration of Beltone’s 75th anniversary, we want to tell the stories of “Beltone Legends” – everyday people who take control of their hearing and live extraordinary lives. 

john devlin
Posted 08-19-2015 by Brittany Kovalcik

A “Beltone Legend” can be someone who experiences new sounds and activities thanks to Beltone hearing aids, but can more broadly include people with Beltone hearing aids who conduct themselves as “Legends” through community service, personal achievements, etc. We want to show how the people who wear Beltone hearing aids live as “Legends” every day!

So, without further ado, we have our first winner out of  New Jersey -- Mr. John Devlin. 

Mr. Devlin let us know why he's a Beltone Legend below:

"In 2004 while on tour with a musical organization, I noticed a pop in my right ear and a loss of hearing. I went to an ear, nose and throat doctor who informed me that I had an inner ear virus that attacked the cochlea. At that point, I had lost about 30% hearing in my left ear.

I’ve known the Kenney Family for some time, and when faced with my hearing loss, I called and set up an appointment for a hearing test.  After reviewing the findings, we discussed what type of hearing aids would be best for my loss.  Having been around and playing brass instruments since I was a child, I was sure my career had ended. Not so, said my friend!

In the years that followed, I have become a high school marching band competition coordinator, where I help to organize some of the largest marching band competitions on the East Coast.

I am also a truck driver for a World Class Drum and Bugle Corps. As a truck driver, I am responsible for transporting valuable equipment across the country for the drum corps' rehearsals and competitions.

My hearing aids not only allow me to clearly hear my surroundings while driving, but they also allow me to safely take phone calls while on the road. 

With the help of Beltone, I have been able to continue working with kids and musical organizations that entertain people of all ages."

Thank you, Mr. Devlin for your wonderful service to the community and for being a Beltone Legend!

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