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How Have Beltone Hearing Aids Changed Lives? Our Customers Tell You…

If you’re like most people, hearing loss isn’t really at the top of your mind—until it starts slipping away. It’s just not something you notice you’re missing until the problem is addressed, and your lost hearing is found again.

Posted 09-29-2015 by Amy Duvall

Once your hearing comes back through the use of a hearing instrument, something magical happens, and many things start to get better, for you and those around you. You will find that your mood improves, your daily life improves, and your relationships do too. Naturally, your job performance will also get better.

Here at Beltone, we take pride in being the source of this magic and have been listening to what our customers have been saying. We hope you find inspiration in each of their stories.
Take Jonathan Brein, for example. Jonathan is a retired physician from Philadelphia whose hearing loss was interfering with his ability to do his job.

“I was a private practice physician practicing anesthesiology for 11 years until I lost my hearing. I was having a lot of trouble in the operating room understanding people and it got to the point where my attorney said to me, you've got to stop practicing.”

Jonathan took his doctor’s advice to heart and quit practicing. Six years later he found himself at a Beltone branch in his neighborhood, ready to embrace his hearing health.

“People are in denial about their hearing loss, and they really need to take a look at the people close to them because that’s what it's about,” Jonathan says. “You need hearing aids so the people in your life— those who love you—don’t have to suffer with your loss.”
After a thorough hearing exam, Jonathan was provided a hearing aid that was right for him.

“The technology is wonderful. With the home link, I can walk around the house because of its radio frequency, and I can listen to my program anywhere in the house and yet still have a conversation with somebody because it’s coming in through my hearing aids at the same time. It’s thin, you can hardly see it. It's also comfortable, and I'm getting truer sound. It’s the best hearing aid I've ever had,” he shares.

Robert Newell, another Beltone customer, agrees that Beltone technology has made a big difference in his life, especially when it comes to simple activities like talking on the phone.

Talking on the phone was very difficult without hearing aids,” he says. “A lot of times I couldn't understand the person and I would pass the phone to my wife. Now I can talk on the phone with no problem at all.”

Robert’s hearing aids have also helped him immensely when guests come to visit. “When there's several people in the same room, I can hear much better than I ever could before. My family’s response has been very positive about me getting a hearing aid.”

Robert is also pleased with how comfortable the devices are. “They are so comfortable that I sometimes go to bed with them, and then I have to get up and take them out. I don't even know I have them on half the time,” he shares.

For Cindy Thompson, her experience with hearing loss has been a little different. “My hearing impairment has been there since birth. I was born with nerve damage,” she shares.

Cindy’s hearing impairment didn’t hold her back much in either her professional or her personal life, but she considers the steps she took to improve her hearing as life-changing, both in her down time and in her career. It wasn’t a hearing loss that Beltone solved for her—our hearing aids simply gave her clarity she had never experienced before.

“When I got my first hearing aid, I heard things I'd never heard before,” she shares. “I love nature and I spend a lot of time outdoors. Now when I go into the woods and I have the hearing aid on, I hear things I never knew were there. I hear birds singing—I’ve never heard birds singing before. I can hear the wind.”

And at her office, Cindy is now taking charge. “Instead of just being a follower, I've actually stepped into positions where I'm the leader now. I would never have done that before. The things that I've accomplished, I never would have accomplished without the hearing aids.”

Raymond Mis also found relief through the use of hearing aids. Having experienced both hearing and vision loss within a few of years of each other, Raymond needed an effective hearing solution. He turned to Beltone and attributes our entire medical team for how he senses the world around him these days.

“My experience with Beltone has been that of only praise. The people in their offices at all levels make me feel as if I'm a part of a family, and part of a team. And all of them have taken a personal interest in my story,” he says.

Raymond’s improved hearing has given him a new fondness for sounds people generally take for granted. “I'll awake in the morning and can’t hear many sounds. Then I slip my hearing aids in and suddenly I can hear my dog breathing, and maybe even someone in my house snoring,” he says. “It’s like the world comes to life again.”

As you can tell by what our customers are saying, solving your hearing loss can improve your life at home, at work and at play. Let us help you find a hearing aid that is right for you. Book an office visit today so you’ll  be able to experience what school Principal, Krista Stump, has been experiencing since she addressed her hearing loss: “I missed a lot prior to hearing aids. I appreciate being able to participate in life in a much more normal way.”