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Bring on the Summer: 5 Tips for Healthy Hearing During Warm Weather

Many parts of the country are already basking in beautiful warm weather, while others are slowly counting down the days to the first official day of summer. In either case, it’s important to understand how to take care of your hearing aids when the temperatures start rising.

Posted 04-13-2016 by Amy Duvall

Beware of Heat!
Especially during the warmer months of the year, but during any time of the year, refrain from putting your hearing aids in places that attract heat quickly – like the glove compartment or console in your car or placing in direct sunlight.

The parts that make up your hearing aid are extremely delicate. The heat can shorten the life of the instrument, or even melt the plastic on the outside of your hearing aid.

Stay Away from Moisture
Moisture in any sort of device that is run on batteries can turn into bad news. It’s important to remember that while your Beltone hearing aid comes with Nano Coating, it does not mean that the hearing aids are waterproof. Remember to take them out before swimming or if there’s a torrential downpour and you can’t keep your hearing aids somewhat dry.

To prolong the life of your hearing aids, leave the battery door open at night to allow the internal components to dry. Even everyday moisture, like sweat, can build up in your hearing aids.

Pack Extra Batteries
If you plan on travelling, don’t forget to pack extra batteries! While the average battery life, for a typical user is around 5-7 days, you’re bound to run out of battery juice if you forget to pack an extra pair.

To get maximum battery life out of your batteries, try to store at room temperature. That means don’t pack your batteries in your beach bag and let them sit out in the sun all day. Also, keep other metal items away that can mingle with your batteries, like loose change or keys. This could potentially short circuit your batteries.

Store in a Safe Place
Storing your hearing aids is just as important as keeping them dry. For whatever reason, little kids, dogs and cats are drawn to tiny hearing aids. It’s imperative you store your hearing aids up and away from inquisitive hands (or paws). So, if the grandchildren are visiting this summer, be sure to store your hearing aids out of their reach!

Keep ‘em Clean!
Keeping your hearing aids clean by disinfecting them will not only keep your aid working at its best for you, but it’ll give you peace of mind, as well!

Warm, humid weather creates a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and fungi to thrive, so be sure to use a cleaning solvent that your Beltone Hearing Practitioner recommends. You can also use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away dirt and debris from your hearing aids if needed. If you find that excess ear wax has built up on your ear domes or ear molds, ask your Hearing Practitioner for assistance for removal.

Don’t let your hearing aids prevent you from getting outside and enjoying the warm weather! Follow these five easy tips and you’ll enjoy a summer full of sounds you may have never heard or have heard in a long time!

Call 1-800-Beltone if you have any questions regarding your hearing aids. Or, take our online hearing test if you think you may have a hearing loss.