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Hearing Health Professionals: Who Does What?

So, you’re pretty confident you have hearing loss, or you took our Online Hearing Test and it reflected you had hearing loss. Your next step probably involved searching the Internet to figure out what you should do now.

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Posted 04-08-2016 by Amy Duvall

During your search of all things hearing loss, you probably came across words like “ENT physician,” “Hearing Aid Specialist,” and “Audiologist.” While all of these career fields focus on hearing and the ears, they each have their own specialty.
Here is a reference guide to give you a quick snapshot on who does what and who you might want to speak with next:

ENTs (Ear, Nose and Throat)
Physicians (also commonly referred to as Otolaryngologists) who have been trained in surgical and medical treatment of those with diseases of the ears, nose, and throat. This can also include related areas of the head and neck. In regards to hearing, especially, ENTs are your go-to doctor for medical treatment of ear infections, hearing loss and those with birth disorders of the outer and inner ear.

On the other hand, audiologists are health care professionals who have received university training to evaluate and serve those who suffer from hearing loss and related disorders, including tinnitus. After their university training is completed, they will then go on to become Doctors of Audiology (AuD). An Audiologist uses their extensive training and can perform a variety of tests to assess hearing function and they also dispense hearing aids.

Many of our Beltone locations have Audiologists on site. Call us 1-800-Beltone and we’ll help to locate the closest office in your area.

Hearing Aid Specialists
This group of trained specialists are able to help those who are suffering from hearing loss due to age. They are not qualified, however, to help those who have other medical issues or diseases (which are addressed by ENTs).

Hearing Aid Specialists are also trained on performing the hearing test, also known as an Audiogram. This group of Specialists are also trained on selecting from a variety of hearing aid styles that will best suit the needs of the patient.

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