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How a Hearing Aid Changed a Young Woman’s Life

Not all hearing aids are created equal, just ask Mette Brond Fredsted. Mette was born with a profound hearing loss. Her family feared that their beautiful little girl would be unable to live a normal life. But at a very early age, Mette was determined to socialize with other children, despite her disability. “I just wanted to live a normal life,” she says.

Posted 08-24-2016 by Marketing Department

Today, Mette is a married, mother of two children, with an active social life in Copenhagen. She also has a high-powered job as a consultant —a job that requires Mette to make public presentations, and to teach and listen to her students. Her career would not have been possible, she said, without her remarkable new hearing aid.

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she wants — at last. Mette had used hearing aids for more than 25 years, but a technology breakthrough, and a new suite of features, has had a powerful impact on her quality of life.

Meet Mette Fredsted… and learn about the new features of the Beltone Boost.