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Ear Plugs (Hearing Protection) for Musicians

If you’re a musician or you know a musician, then you know the importance of hearing health and having the ability to hear well. Musicians need to be able to hear background music and need to minimize feedback in order to perform at a high standard.
According to the Hearing Review, almost all musical instruments are capable of producing damaging sound levels, and all musicians are at increased risk of developing music-induced hearing disorders. 

Posted 12-13-2016 by Marketing Department

These hearing disorders include but are not limited to:

  • hearing loss
  • tinnitus
  • pitch-perception problems
  • loudness intolerance

How do musicians get hearing protection?
There are many retail shops that offer noise protection specifically made for musicians. It is recommended that in order to receive the best quality of protection to have personalized ear molds made which in return will give you personalized hearing protection that forms to your ear, keeping all loud noise from damaging your hearing.

The Hearing Review recommends custom Musicians Earplugs™, which have been the high-fidelity hearing protector of choice for professional musicians and music lovers for over 25 years. But, for a more immediate solution, contact your local Beltone office – they will be able to talk to you about different hearing protection devices available. Beltone offers noise protection ear molds, earbud enhancement and ear molds specifically for swimmers.

How do musicians prevent hearing loss?
There is no cure for hearing loss, but there are ways to prevent further hearing deterioration and ways to manage what good hearing is left.

Call us today to schedule a free hearing screening or appointment – 1-800-Beltone. We’ll be happy to assist you in your healthy hearing journey.