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Could New Contacts Make Glasses Obsolete?

Most senior citizens have something in common: vision problems. According to the American Foundation for the Blind, 6.5 million Americans over age 65 have a severe visual impairment. But there’s a revolution underway — a whole new generation of comfortable contact lenses that enable seniors to sharpen their vision and say goodbye to their glasses.

Posted 07-07-2016 by Marketing Department

Contact lenses have improved tremendously in recent years. New materials have become available that are more compatible with common eye problems suffered by seniors, such as dry eyes. And lenses are now available in disposable, single-use packaging.
But the revolutionary breakthrough helping many chuck their reading glasses is “multifocal” design.

Here’s an overview of two important options available:

Bifocal Contacts
If you use bifocal glasses, you might be a candidate for bifocal contacts. Different areas of a bifocal contact lens offer corrections for near and far vision — the near correction is typically on the bottom or in the center of the lens, while the distance correction is around or above it.

Multifocal Contacts
If you squint at everything, you might be a candidate for multifocal contacts — these contacts are also for people who have trouble with middle distance reading, like reading a computer screen or newspaper. These contacts come in soft and gas-permeable versions, plus an extra option called hybrid multifocals.

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