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How Technology Can Help Seniors Live Independently

Can I live alone safely? That is the big question for millions of seniors and their families each year. And for more and more people, the answer is YES – you can live in your home. It’s all thanks to some new technologies designed to help seniors live independently with a host of age-related challenges. 

Posted 03-11-2016 by Marketing Department

In this post, we focus on two assistive tools that empower seniors who have illness and early signs of dementia to live at home.

1. A Home Security System for Your Health and Safety.
For seniors with health concerns, home-monitoring services can give you and your family greater peace of mind. Home monitoring services install wireless sensors in key areas of your home — such as the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Sensors can track your normal patterns of behavior. If they identify unusual patterns of behavior — your refrigerator door didn’t open — family or friends can be alerted. One service offers daily reports on movement in the house that caretakers or children can track on a web page or mobile phone. Check out these providers of home care systems: GrandCare Systems, QuietCare, and Healthsense.

2. Using GPS for Your Safety.
GPS — global positioning system — is the technology that helps millions of us get from point A to point B each day. It’s now being used to help seniors with health care concerns. By using GPS technology, cellphones, wristwatches and other new products allow caregivers to keep track of loved ones.

One new product, a pair of shoes implanted with GPS technology in the heel, is well-suited for people with early dementia who become disoriented or are prone to getting lost. Harris Shapiro of New York City told Kiplinger magazine that he started using the shoes after passing out on a few occasions. The shoes enable Shapiro’s wife to go online and track where he goes.

For more information on the GPS-enabled shoes, please visit Aetrex Navistar GPS Footwear System.

For other examples of high-tech products that can help you stay at home safely, please visit the website, This Caring Home, which showcases a host of solutions for seniors.