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Two Students Awarded Beltone Au.D. Scholarship Award

Beltone is continuing its efforts in education by working with several university hearing programs, undergraduate and graduate programs.

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Posted 05-19-2016 by Marketing Department

Part of the curriculum includes educating Au.D. students about Beltone and career possibilities as well as providing them with information regarding business operations that will be vital as they prepare to graduate and enter the workforce.

As part of these educational sessions, Beltone gave students the opportunity to submit an essay that examined why they are passionate about the hearing aid fitting process and their goals for the future in the field of audiology. Each student who submitted an essay qualified to be considered to win a $5,000 Beltone Au.D. Scholarship Award.

Monica Blanco from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and Amber Emerson from A.T. Still University in Arizona are the Beltone scholarship winners. They were both recognized and presented with their awards at the Beltone National Meeting held in Austin, TX on May 13, 2016.

“I truly love the industry that I am in, and I feel that I am doing something positive every day that I see patients. I know that I have much to learn and will grow as I learn from each new mentor and experience. The fitting process, to me, is not simply one day and it is in fact not a simple or black and white process. Education and community involvement, personal relationships and personalized treatment, and excellent follow-up care filled with genuine concern are the pillars of the fitting process.” - Amber Emerson

“I believe that it is extremely important to give the patient the best possible outcome and to do everything in my power to give them the greatest opportunity for success. I want to treat every patient as the individual they are. I want to fit them as exactly as I can to treat their specific hearing loss and their specific ear anatomy. My main goal in my profession will always be to make the patient as satisfied as possible and give them back their quality of life.” - Monica Blanco