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Brain Games that Ward Off “Senior Moments”

Growing older doesn’t mean you’ll get absent-minded. A growing body of research suggests that you can improve your mental well-being —and minimize those senior moments—by exercising your brain. Just like you do with your body, experts recommend a regular regimen of exercise to keep your brain strong and fit.

brain games
Posted 09-07-2016 by Marketing Department

A great place to explore these exercises is the Internet. Numerous websites offer problem-solving, memory challenges, and games to test your visual and auditory skills and help hone your memory.

CNN offers links to 9 great games, such as Uber Brain and Treasure Hunt, which challenge your cognitive skill. The web site, Memory Improvement provides links to more than 50 free mental challenges.

National Geographic offers Focus Pocus, hosted by Brian Scholl of Yale University’s Perception and Cognition Lab. It explores the human attention system offers a wide range of cognition games —such as Roll Back and Biggest Balloon—that are designed to challenge users at their own pace. Brainitivity is a trial game for seniors interested in a test drive a “personal trainer for your brain.” The site offers brain fitness software designed for people over 60 that feature games such as Name that Song, designed to strengthen long-term memory; and Mind over Mystery, which focuses on challenging your critical thinking. A free trial is offered here.