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Enjoy the Moments and Sounds of Spring

What are your favorite sounds of the season? Birds singing good morning, crickets chirping in the evening, your grandchildren laughing as they play outside? Spring is a happy time of year full of family gatherings and activities with friends.

spring moments
Posted 04-13-2017 by Maribeth Neelis

Don’t let hearing loss make you miss out on the fun the season. Come see us for that hearing screening that you’ve been postponing.

Whether you just started to notice some hearing loss you want to check on or already use a hearing aid, it’s a good practice to get your hearing checked once a year after 50. At Beltone, this service is always complementary.

A hearing test is fast and free. Here is what to expect.

Lifestyle Assessment
You will talk with the audiologist about your job, favorite activities. and hearing priorities. This will allow them to customize your care.

Health and Hearing History
You will discuss your overall health, any medications your take, and the type of hearing loss you may be experiencing.

Hearing Evaluation
The hearing care practitioner will take you through the steps of your exam, which include:

  • A visual examination of your ear using a video otoscope
  • Tympanometry (ear drum test)
  • Air and bone conduction testing
  • Word discrimination testing
  • Signal in Noise (SIN) testing
After your exam, the practitioner will go over your test results right there in the office. If necessary, he or she will show you the hearing aids that will work best for your type of hearing loss and lifestyle. You will have the opportunity to them out to see if they work well for you.

A Beltone hearing aid purchase includes our BelCare service. With this free program, you will receive regular cleanings of your hearing aids along with a two year protection for a change in hearing loss.

With better hearing, you can enjoy springtime to the fullest. Take a moment, and request an appointment  at the Beltone store nearest you.