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Pets Can Pair Perfectly with Older Adults

Having a pet is a great way to enjoy life.  Whether you introduce a child to the importance of being responsible over the life of a small fish, to having a dog or cat become a part of your family, people can benefit at any age with a pet in their lives.  Having a pet increases both the cognitive and physical benefits of an individual as well.

Posted 07-20-2017 by Nick Eugenis

It’s no secret that pets can motivate us to become better and more responsible in our lives.  When it comes to senior citizens, it gives them a very good reason to get out of bed every morning.  When we have a pet, like a dog, we are much more likely to get outside to walk and experience the world around them.  Owning a pet can change the whole perspective on things, because a pet is a companion that needs your nurturing to survive.

There has also been extensive research done that shows that pets provide excellent companionship and can help eliminate both boredom and depression.  Having a cat jump on your lap to snuggle or watching a dog wag its tail when you are near, can help bring levity to life.

Pets are also a great way to become more sociable.  Think of the times you ever went for a walk and passed someone who had an adorable pooch.  Didn’t you stop to ask to pet them? Or if you yourself were walking your dog, how many times have people stopped to talk to you about it?

When it comes to getting a pet for an older person, it’s also a good idea to adopt an older animal.  A new puppy can be exhausting and they can take away the relaxation that comes from owning a pet.  An older pet will already have an existing social structure and will be able to follow a handful of commands from its past learning experiences.

Nowadays, owning a pet can be even easier.  Let's admit it, sometime we can be forgetful at times.  Technology has advanced enough for pets to get taken care of almost on their own.  Automatic feeders and water bowls that refill on timers are a great choice to have when seniors own pets.  Let the machines do the remembering, while the we get to reap the emotional and physical benefits of owning a pet.