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The Best Products & Services for Seniors

There’s never been a better time to age with medical advances, technology that can monitor health, and services that help seniors stay in their homes as they get older. Here are some of the most interesting products and services we have come across.

Posted 07-26-2017 by Nick Eugenis

Food Delivery Services
There are no more options than ever for food delivery. You can order groceries online and have them delivered. You can opt for one of many meal-kit services that send boxes with a recipe and all the ingredients you need to make it. You can get pre-made meals for specific diet types, tastes, or even ones that are designed by physicians.

Apps for Seniors
These days apps are more than just for playing games and using social media. Many apps aid the lives of older adults and give them helpful tools for making everyday life easier.

Some of our favorites:
Park n’ Forget helps you remember where you parked your car and even monitors the amount of time spent in metered parking spots
Pillboxie reminds you to take medications at the scheduled times you set. You can customize your medications by color and drag them into the sectioned pillbox graphic to easily organize your prescription schedule.
Beltone's Hear Plus allows you to adjust volumes and settings, change your hearing aid programs, and check hearing aid battery status—from your smartphone.

For senior women, homesharing is all the rage. Older women are choosing to live with friends so staying in the home is financially feasible. In the U.S., four million women live in households where two women are at least 50+, and this statistic is expected to rise.

Wearable Tech & Sensors
By 2019 there will be 5.5 billion users of mobile and wearable biometric technology around the globe. There are watches that track your heart rate, activity level, and sleep quality, and others that can detect a fall and raise an alarm. There are sensors that attach to household objects, like refrigerator doors and pillboxes, and alert you if something is amiss. There are even special shoe insoles that provide directional assistance in the form of gentle vibrations and phone notifications.

Robot Companions
Not everyone is up for the responsibility of having a pet. But it is nice to have a buddy to hang out with around the house. The Kirobo Toyota Robot, designed to tackle loneliness in Japan, is now available for purchase in the US. Not quite as cute, ElliQ is a robot with a voice-activated control system that it enables users to make video calls, play online games, and interact on social media. It also uses machine learning to learn the preferences of the user and make recommendations for digital content, such as music and audiobooks.

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