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Beltone Featured Customer: Ruby Puett

In our next installment of our Featured Customer Series, we have Mrs. Ruby Puett of Morganton, North Carolina. Mrs. Puett is a young 99 years old. She was recently fit with a pair of Beltone hearing aids and will be able to hear better for her 100th birthday celebration in March!

Posted 03-02-2017 by Amy Duvall

Mrs. Puett is sweet, endearing and entertaining. She loves talking to others about her childhood growing up on a farm with her 15 siblings all the while living through the Depression era. Mrs. Puett says she has lived a very blessed life.

Our Morganton, NC office was happy to present Mrs. Puett with a gift bag of goodies plus a gift certificate to her favorite local restaurant.

We hope Mrs. Puett is able to enjoy her 100th birthday a little bit more now that she can hear better with her Beltones.

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