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Tips to Stay Active All Winter Long

On cold winter days, it can be nice to snuggle up with some tea in front of the fire, but spending more time inside sometimes can make us a little stir crazy. Don’t let colder temps keep you from being active. Here are some ideas to keep moving all winter long.

winter activity
Posted 11-10-2017 by Nick Eugenis

Bundle up and play outside.
Something about a snowy day brings out the child in all of us! Take advantage of those youthful good vibes and play outside— with your grand kids, your partner, or your pals. Did you know you can burn 285 calories an hour building a snowman? Or 450 calories an hour ice skating? Playing outside is a great way to stay in shape throughout the chilly months ahead—plus it’s fun!

Walk indoors.
Find spots where you can walk inside. There are more than you would think!

Local schools, churches, and, of course, malls are great places to log some miles without braving the elements. Many gyms also have indoor tracks. Get motivated by using a pedometer to count your steps. Have a contest with your partner or friends who can walk the most steps in a week.

Take a lesson.
Have you always wanted to learn salsa dancing, karate, or yoga? The winter time, when it gets dark early, is the perfect time of year to learn something new, and work up a sweat while you’re at it. Bonus: learning a new skill is great for your brain and actually helps ward off dementia.

Try out a fitness app.
There are so many fitness apps these days it can make your head spin. All the options mean you have your choice of what sort of exercise you’d like to do. There is Nike Fitness, an app that has countless workouts of every variety for every skill level. 7 minute workout is perfect for people looking for a quick, easy routine they can do while waiting for the coffee to brew. Yoga Studio gives you access to beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoga classes that you can do anywhere.

Do some chores.
It may not be the most exciting way to burn calories, but household chores, like vacuuming, washing windows, and sweeping, are an easy way to kill two birds with one stone—stay active and keep your house looking great.

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