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Uber Sign Language App Helps Communicate with Deaf & Hard of Hearing Drivers

Uber, the drive sharing service has added a unique feature to their smartphone application.  The company is now making it easier for riders who use the app to communicate better with both deaf and hard of hearing drivers by providing each rider with a little lesson in American sign language.

Posted 10-19-2017 by Nick Eugenis

How it works is whenever you open the app, it will let you know when you are being paired up with a deaf or hard of hearing Uber driver.  The new feature will include ten basic phrases you can communicate with the Uber driver. 

Each phrase can be easily conveyed as it is accompanied by short moving videos showcasing the required sign, including a letter by letter spelling of your name.

Even if you’re not on your way somewhere, learning a sign or two is helpful if you ever run into someone with a hearing impairment, and when paired with our tips on communicating with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, it might improve your interactions.