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Four Food Lies You Should Not Believe

We often hear people provide us some rather insightful food theories.  These theories come from friends or family members that heard something from another person, or saw a blurb online about the newest food fad.  

food lies
Posted 04-24-2018 by Nick Eugenis

Well, below are four food lies you should not believe.

Carbs are the best source of energy
Going back to my high school days, I remember during a track and field event there were "pasta parties".  The idea was to "carb-up" before doing a lot of running at the event as it would give you a bunch of energy.  However, this is just a myth.  Research shows that our bodies actually prefer to produce energy from a much easier and more effective food source which are healthy fats.  Consider eating avocados, almonds and other nuts, or fresh fish like salmon.  These will provide more energy and are also much healthier.

Lose weight by cutting calories
Obviously lowering the calories you consume will lessen the amount of calories you will need to burn to lose weight.  However, that's not the most healthy way to do this.  Different foods may have the same caloric value, but one will be much healthier than the other.  A salad packed with nutrients will always be healthier than a frozen meal that has the same amount of calories. Really focus on the nutrient density of the meals you are eating.  Ensure you have a healthy dose of vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, iron and others.

Flavored yogurt is a healthy choice
There's no denying the fact that yogurt is exceptionally healthy for you.  Packed with nutrients and probiotics  You may focus on purchasing flavored yogurts because traditional yogurt doesn't taste as good.  Well, chances are, you are getting a whole lot of extra things in your yogurt that are bad for you.  False additives and extra sugar will be in the flavored yogurts virtually canceling out all the healthy benefits fro yogurt.  If you still want to keep yogurt in your diet, but like the fruit flavors, consider purchasing Greek yogurt while adding fresh fruits every time you eat it.

Raw vegetables are more nutritious than cooked
Many people believe that if you cook vegetables, you destroy their nutrients.  However, that is simply not the case.  Vegetables are loaded with numerous vitamins and minerals that are never depleted from the source no matter how high of a temperature you cook the food.  So eat them raw, heat them up, do whatever, but keep eating those veggies!

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are eating, you are selecting the right food items to keep you healthy and moving.

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