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Gardening Tips for Spring

April is a great month for designing and planting a garden. The danger of frost is past, but the weather and soil are still relatively cold, especially in the Midwest. 

spring gardening
Posted 04-17-2018 by Nick Eugenis

Below are some great gardening tips you can follow:

Clean Out the Garden
You've heard of Spring Cleaning for your house, but you should also take the cleaning to the outdoors.  Clean the area you want to use for your garden by removing all the debris like leaves, dead branches, or in some areas, snow.  Get rid of any random weeds that may have popped up.  You also might want to sharpen those gardening tools to make sure they are in tip top shape for when you start using them.

Awaken the Soil
Your soil is very likely dried out and packed down after the winter, so it's a good time to provide some moisture and aerate it.  You will also need to add some compost or manure to add some additional nutrients.  Now is a good time to also test the soil to find out exactly what it needs to provide an excellent garden habitat.

Trim Old Plants
There may be some plants that braved the cold weather and survived the winter.  These will need to be trimmed so they don't grow over into the gardening space.

After cleaning and testing the soil and ensuring there is enough nutrients, it's time to plant.  Plant bare-root trees, shrubs and perennials by early spring.  You can now transfer transplant container-grown plants now and situate them i the garden where you see fit.  Begin sowing seeds of cool-season flowers like sweet peas, poppies as well as vegetables like lettuce, parsley and spinach.

Start a Compost Pile
It's a good idea to also begin a compost pile or a compost bin.  You can start by collecting plant debris and leaves that you have raked up from the garden. Chop up the leaves, straw and grass to speed up the process.  Turn it around regularly while continuing to add to the pile.

Before you start gardening, give us a call at 1-800-BELTONE to schedule a FREE hearing screening to make sure you're hearing all the great spring sounds!