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Hearing Trouble Can Lead to Big Health Issues

We all know hearing loss comes with a lot of difficulties in life.  Not being able to hear your loved ones or every day sounds is not the only thing that hearing difficulties affects.

Posted 04-05-2018 by Nick Eugenis

Studies now suggest that untreated mild to moderate hearing loss can make an adult more likely to develop dementia. The research at Johns Hopkins and other major universities suggests that the increased effort required to perceive and understand, due to poor hearing, can divert brainpower away from storing memories.

Hearing problems are not just for the older generations.  In children, poor hearing can cause problems down the road with learning issues,  Children may not be able to interpret instructions from the teacher or simply won't speak up when they are unable to understand what is going on in their class.

When it comes to the anatomy of the ear, a lot of issues can arise when your inner ear runs into problems. Problems with the inner ear can affect balance and dizziness.  This can make you more susceptible to falls and other accidents.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you will need to schedule a visit with your doctor.

Parents with young children should be aware that frequent ear infections and/or uninfected fluid behind the ear drums can make it difficult for some young children to learn speech and language. Fluid trapped in the middle ear space, whether it is infected or not, can make it harder for your child to hear all of the sounds of speech.

The most important thing you can do to prevent hearing loss is to take good care of your ears.  Avoid loud noises, listening to music too loudly with headphones on, wear ear plus at concerts and follow medical directions from your doctor.

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