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How To Save Money At A Gym

It's a new year and for many, that means it's time to star healthy resolutions.  One of the most popular resolutions is to exercise more often.  many people this time of year also head out to public gyms to take advantage of the wealth of space and exercise equipment.  The only downside is that gym memberships can be quite expensive.  Don't let the price discourage you from reaching your goals.  

Posted 01-09-2018 by Nick Eugenis

The following are some great ways on how you can save money at the gym.

Hop Around:  If you live in an area where there are several gyms available, try to sign up for multiple "free trials" or "first month discounted", etc.  This will help you both save money, but also figure out what gym you like best and which has the right equipment for you.

Make a Deal: Know exactly what you are looking to use in the gym.  This will help you navigate when you have a sit-down with a gym representative.  You can let them know what parts of the gym you will definitely not be using, and what you would like to focus on paying for.

Timing is Everything: If you sign up at the end of the month when gym sales members are trying to reach their quotes, you can find yourself getting some pretty good deals.  Naturally, jumping in at the beginning of the year might have higher prices, but if you wait just a little bit, timing might just be right to get a good deal.

Skip the Swim: Swimming is indeed a great way to exercise, but if you don't care much for it, don't bother paying for it.  For a gym to keep up with the monthly maintenance for their pool, it will drive up monthly memberships.

See A La Cart Membership: Similar to not having to pay for the pool, if you can discuss with a gym salesperson paying for just the things you know you would be using.  If you want to solely run, see if you can just pay for their track if they have one, if you want to just lift weights, try to see if you can just pay for their weight equipment.

Work Out at Home: This is probably the best way to save money instead of spending it at a gym: just don't go.  We don't mean don't exercise, we mean get some equipment for your house at workout at home.  If you start small by getting a yoga mat and some light weights, you can enjoy some great yoga or cardio while paying just a little bit of money.  If you are looking to purchase machines, check second hand sports stores for any treadmills or elliptical.