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Ask the Expert: Hearing Care Practitioner Austin Black

In our next installment of the “Ask the Expert” Hearing Care Practitioner (HCP) blog series, we are featuring Audiologist Austin C. Black out of our Breckenridge and Dixie Highway – Louisville, Kentucky offices. Austin has been with Beltone for five and a half years and in the hearing care business for nearly 20 years! Let’s get to know Austin and why he’s so passionate about hearing health. 

Austin Black
Posted 03-06-2019 by Amy Duvall

What do you like best about your career?
Guiding others to make good, healthy decisions for themselves and their families.
Why did you choose this career?
Growing up with hearing loss, I encountered numerous obstacles, some of which would have been made easier with better hearing (I.e. school, socializing with friends, driving safely, etc.).  Once I realized just how important obtaining better hearing was, I took my interest in wanting to help others and mixed it with my own personal experience overcoming obstacles caused by hearing impairment. It turned into a very rewarding career in the hearing healthcare field. It takes one to know one.  My experiences can help make for a better experience for my colleagues and patients.
What was one of your most rewarding moments as a Hearing Care Practitioner?
Helping those that helped me growing up.  I have had the benefit of helping some of my family friends that were so kind and patient with me when I was hard of hearing growing up but did not have hearing help at the time.  It was nice to show them the grace they showed me.
Do you have any accomplishments within your community you’re proud of?
I serve on the Kentucky Academy of Audiology board as a member-at-large and assist in the band at my church.
What are your favorite hobbies/pastimes outside of the office?
I like playing music, video games with my kids, following tech trends, and getting people excited about new things in general.
If you could give one piece of advice to someone who was anxious about getting a hearing aid, what would it be and why?
Find a place that you know, like, and trust.  All three of those are necessary for relieving anxiety and doubt about a high-end purchase.  The costs of not helping yourself live your best life is far greater than the monetary investment you will make.  Just ask my Beltone patients what they think. You will find a variety of perspectives and takes, but very few reasons to wait any longer.  Give me 90 minutes of your time and I will do my best to make you feel valued, respected, and cared for.