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Worry-free repairs with Beltone 

Restore with Beltone offers repairs, cleanings and warranty plans – all at one low price 

Posted 06-11-2021 by jpatrick

For the past 81 years, Beltone and our practitioners have supported patients with a better life of hearing.  If you wear hearing aids, you have experienced how these instruments support your overall health and happiness.

What many people may not know is that only about one-third of those who wear hearing aids use hearing care services. (Study: Reuters Health)

Your hearing shouldn't keep you from enjoying the best things in life! Beltone offers an array of services to keep your hearing instruments performing at its best throughout your journey to better hearing. Beltone customers can now enjoy additional benefits for hearing aid repairs with Restore with Beltone. We will assess all hearing aids*, even if it’s not a Beltone brand.

This new program offers two packages – each including risk-free repair, 10-point cleaning, a warranty plan and free shipping on repairs if you can’t make it to one of our Beltone offices.

Some of the problems our experts can resolve include muffled or weak sounds from your hearing aids and battery replacements. If your hearing aid is beyond repair, or you’re dissatisfied with the repair, we can issue a full refund or apply the cost toward a new Beltones hearing aid.

One low price covers our expert diagnostics, all needed repairs, your warranty, and complimentary cleaning. For more information on Restore with Beltone, click here.

As always, Beltone offers free hearing screenings to anyone who is interested. Think you may be experiencing hearing loss? Give us a call today at 1-800-BELTONE or book your free hearing appointment at a Beltone location.

*Subject to part availability