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Beltone Hearing Aid Centers
We are your partner in hearing care, right beside you every step of the way—wherever you may be. 
Find Beltone Hearing Aid Center near you
With over 1,500 Beltone hearing aid centers nationwide, there is always a Beltone near you where you can get the same quality care from friendly, knowledgeable hearing care professionals.
Our goal is to support you on your journey to better hearing with personalized care and resources to help you identify the signs of hearing loss and learn about the many solutions. We are here to lend our expertise to help you choose the hearing aid that best suits your needs and lifestyle and to provide support when you have questions, issues, or need your hearing aids cleaned, repaired, or adjusted.
Find Beltone Hearing Aid Center near you
Get quality care from hearing aid experts
After more than 80 years, we feel comfortable calling ourselves experts in hearing care from design and manufacturing to patient care.

We strive to be your hearing care partner right beside you every step of the way from your first complimentary hearing screening to ongoing follow-up care and support. 
hearing care professional provide screening in a hearing aid center

These are just some of the ways we empower our patients:

  • Ongoing research and development to design and manufacture innovative hearing solutions equipped with the latest technology

  • Extensive training and education for our hearing care professionals to ensure you receive the best care and service

  • Lifetime care and protection through Belcare, one of the most comprehensive hearing care programs

  • Over 1,500 locations nationwide—each one part of the community it serves

  • Hearing care professionals and staff who know you by name and provide a personalized experience and ongoing support

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