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Parts of a Hearing Aid

From top to bottom, Beltone hearing instruments bring you the utmost in quality. Advanced technology combines with superior materials to deliver remarkable performance.

Beltone Legend Exploded View

1. Custom-engineered case cover

Specially built to lock out moisture and block out dust, wax and oils.

2. Microphone protection

A double layer of HPF80 NanoBlock™ keeps the microphone free from moisture and debris. Sounds stay consistently clear.

3. Digital signal processor

Advanced technology provides best in class sound quality, noise reduction, speech understanding and comfort.

4. Gold-plated battery contacts

Real gold is layered onto battery contacts to prevent corrosion and keep your hearing aids working like new.

5. HPF80 NanoBlock™ coating

We coat all components—inside and out—with a protective layer to safeguard sensitive circuitry from dampness and dirt.

6. Powerful receiver

Designed to be lightweight and shockproof, Beltone Legend™ features domes with built-in wax guards.

7. Wireless antenna

Beltone's industry-leading 2.4 GHz wireless technology helps you hear clear sound from TV, Stereo, PC or phone.

8. Microphone Gore™ filters

High-tech Gore filters trap moisture and particulate matter, while allowing sound to pass through.

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