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Hearing With Both Ears: Treatment For Hearing Loss

Binaural hearing anatomy

Binaural hearing allows you to make fine judgments about sound and to listen selectively to one of several sounds. Most experts agree that because gradual hearing loss typically occurs in both ears, it makes sense to fit both ears with hearing instruments.

Think of it this way – to correct a vision problem in both eyes, would you wear eyeglasses with only one lens?

Advantages of wearing two hearing instruments include:

Localized sound – The ability to detect the direction and distance of sound can only be achieved with two ears.

Balanced hearing – Hearing with two ears will help you more accurately respond to sounds, like conversation on your left or right side.

Better speech comprehension – Balanced hearing with both ears may improve your ability to understand speech, both in background noise and in quiet situations.

To learn more about the benefits of binaural hearing, click the link below to view our “Hearing with Both Ears” brochure.

Hearing with Both Ears brochure (PDF)