Hearing Aid Samples & Free Reports

We want to provide you with the most comprehensive hearing loss data available. Below you will find special reports and hearing aid samples in order to make the most informed decision when purchasing hearing aids.

Order a non-working sample a non-working sample

Order a non-working sample a non-working sample 

Isn't it time to see exactly how small better hearing can be? Order a non-working sample of a Beltone completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing instrument – one of the smallest types of hearing instruments available today.
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Our simple 9-question hearing quiz allows you to determine if you're showing the first signs of hearing loss.
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A collection of valuable information about hearing loss and hearing aids. Just fill out your information and this will be sent to you absolutely free of charge.
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Beltone Hearing Health in America Report

Hearing Health in America

Approximately 38 million Americans currently have hearing loss.
Learn more in this special report.

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Beltone Tinnitus Report

Tinnitus Special Report

Tinnitus is a problem that approximately 10-15% of the population reports experiencing on a regular basis.

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