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Beltone Hearing Aid Review: Anthony Paola

Beltone Hearing Aid Review: Anthony Paola

Anthony Paola – Woonsocket, RI

I have been losing my hearing since my early 20's. Now at 43, I have been wearing hearing aids for about 15 years. Having this disability at such a young age really hindered my lifestyle at times. I found myself sometimes avoiding group gatherings and avoiding one-on-one conversations and of course, turning the TV up as loud as I possibly could.

Over the winter, I started thinking about upgrading my current hearing aids since they were about 6 years old. My hearing care practitioner loaned me a pair of True™ 9-63DW for a few days to test them out. He programmed them for me and off I went. I got home a few minutes later and as usual I was greeted by my two dogs who were anxiously awaiting my arrival. I then started to go through my mail. I suddenly began to hear this noise which sounded a little like someone crinkling paper. Trying to figure out what it was, I looked all over the kitchen. It was really confusing the heck out of me. Well, after a few minutes of investigating, to my surprise that 'crinkling' sound was my two dogs walking on the hardwood floors. It was the clicking of their nails that was making that sound. I had NEVER heard this sound before with my previous instruments. I was totally amazed.

Also, I am an avid movie and theater buff. I have a terrific home entertainment system and a vast movie library. Even though I have 'surround sound', I always used the close–captioning since I had trouble distinguishing dialog. Well, that same night I decided to try out a movie without the closed–captioning to see how good these hearing instruments really were. Two hours later, the closed captioning wasn't turned on not even once.

Right away, I knew I had to own these! I purchased the Beltone True 9-63DW's along with the Phone Link that I absolutely love! I am still finding myself hearing sounds that I have never heard before. Conversations are flawless, I feel much more confident. Thanks Beltone!