Beltone hearing aid review: Clara Burling

Clara Burling – Canton, GA
I was living in a very quiet world not able to hear all of what was being said around the table with my friends and playing board games with my family. Hearing sermons at church and singing in the choir was especially difficult. I was participating in Sunday school class discussions thinking no one was aware of my difficulty. I was partially lip reading and guessing the rest of the conversations with a smile on my face.

Watching TV and movies with background music was extremely difficult to hear the conversation with my husband. He had to constantly repeat things to me. Not be able to understand my grandchildren telling their special stories was very stressful to me and it was breaking my heart.

So I decided to get my hearing tested. My hearing care practitioner allowed me to try out Beltone True™ 17-63DW hearing aids. I was able to hear conversations, music and most important, my grandchildren. After wearing them, I made the decision that I no longer wanted to remain in my quiet world. I was very excited about being able to hear more clearly! My hearing aids are so comfortable that I forget I have them on. So again, I thank you and I know my husband thanks you.

Thank you Beltone, what a blessing the Beltone True hearing aids have been for me!

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