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Beltone Hearing Aid Review: James Candela

Beltone Hearing Aid Review: James Candela

James Candela – Wyandotte, MI

For several years I have taken the gift of hearing for granted. I always thought I would hear. It never occurred to me that a gradual decline in the quality of my hearing had been going on for years. I dismissed complaints from my wife, adult children and others thinking that they just needed to speak up, to articulate better, and my 'excellent' hearing would capture everything they said.

In order to prove my point to my family, I agreed to have my hearing tested. What a surprise! My inability to hear certain sounds made itself very evident. I was fit with Beltone True™ 62D hearing aids and began hearing things more clearly than I had in years. The difference was astounding!

The biggest surprise was yet to come. Better listing and better hearing provided me with richer conversations, which in turn, provided richer relationships. I could listen and respond appropriately. Listening to the radio and television showed significant improvement too. A once familiar world was opened up for me. Now because my hearing has improved so much, I can follow up on spoken requests from my wife infinitely better.

My Beltone True hearing aid has turned out to be one of the best investments I ever made.

Thanks to True and Beltone!