Beltone hearing aid testimonial with Krista Stump

"I was very impressed with their technology.

I've had hearing loss probably most of my life. I live in a small town, and I thought, Well, Beltone's here in Greenville, how good can they be? (Laughs) l'll check them out.

I was very impressed with their technology, and as it turned out, that's the end of the story. I stayed with Beltone to get my first hearing aids. The lady that worked with me, Ceil, she just made you feel so comfortable, and, she's my friend. I remember vividly her putting a machine in my ear, and I could see on the TV monitor inside of my ear, and she talked about that. I went in the soundproof booth and had a very extensive hearing test, the regular audiogram, and then the repeating of sentences and words. It was very thorough, and then she explained that all of that is loaded into a computer and it's loaded then into your hearing aids so it's very individual. It's not like they pull something off the shelf and stick it in your ear.

I can't say enough about the service that you get at Beltone.

With the job I have now, it's from being in the office on the phone, you've got parents coming in, they might be upset, they might be concerned, they might be mad at you. But being able to hear clearly what they say, and be compassionate–that's very important and crucial for what I do.

I feel like I'm a poster child because I say, “Don't wait. If you're not happy with the hearing aids you have now, you've got to go see the people at Beltone. They will work with you, they will adjust your hearing aids, there's no reason that they can't make it right for you.”

A year ago, Ceil introduced me to new hearing aids that I have now. They're nearly invisible and I can't say enough about my new hearing aids, I love them.

Things that I did not hear before were crickets, birds. Walking around my house, I didn't know the refrigerator made a humming sound. There were a couple of clocks in our house that I didn't realize made a little ticking sound. It was like, oh my gosh, I can't believe that's making the sound. And it started to bug me, and you'd say something to my family, and it's like–Where you been Mom? And it's like, I didn't hear it.

The biggest benefit to having hearing aids, it just allows you to have a more natural, normal life. I can go to bible study, and sit anywhere that I want in the auditorium. I can go to a concert and sit and hear any place in the room. With my job as a principal, when we have administrative meetings I can sit and hear what's going on. I missed a lot prior to hearing aids. I appreciate being able to participate in life in a much more normal way.

I've always been an outgoing person but now I don't shrink back from any kind of situation because you know you're going to be able to understand people, you're going to hear your surroundings. It's just, I think I'm participating what everybody else gets to participate without even thinking about. Being able to hear what everyone else hears is definitely a confidence booster.

It's a quality instrument to improve your quality of your life. My future I don't think is barred by anything. I don't have a hearing loss that's going to keep me from trying something that I want to do".
Krista Stump
Beltone clinic

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