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Beltone Hearing Aid Review: Marie Barnett

Beltone Hearing Aid Review: Marie Barnett

Marie Barnett – Romulus, Michigan

Hello my name is Marie Barnett and I live in Romulus, Michigan. In January 2011, I made a decision that changed my life forever. I have had a hearing loss for over 13 years. It happened gradually over time, but before I knew it, I was in trouble. Hearing became a problem in crowds, on the phone, in addition to having ringing in my ears.

My children were becoming aggravated having to repeat themselves and I was becoming frustrated. My daughter lives with me, and in order for me to hear the television, I had to increase the volume so I could clearly hear it. We could not watch television together because I had to have the volume up above a comfort level for her. I was back to being frustrated.

All my frustration ended in January when I purchased my set of True™ 6-63-DW. They changed my life. I can hear clearer, conversation is not mumbled. The ease of the remote for my aids allows me the luxury of having a conversation about a program while it's on. No more turning up and down the volume of the television or trying to wait until the show is over to talk. My daughter doesn't cringe when I reach for the television remote, either do my neighbors. I hear the television through my hearing aids at my comfort level. My daughter can sit right next to me and hear the television at her comfort level. We can laugh together again and enjoy the same programs without being in separate rooms of the house. The clarity issues of the past are also no longer a concern. I look forward to many years of enjoyment with my family and my True's.