Beltone hearing aid review: Mark Darnell

Mark Darnell – Rochester, MN

You have to hear my story to understand the value of my Beltone Hearing Aids. I was in my early 40's when I started to notice that I wasn't hearing everything I should. I ignored it thinking that I can get by, plus the thought of wearing hearing aids at my age was simply out of the question. Unfortunately others were noticing my hearing loss also. I worked in a fairly important job where hearing was essential. By my late 40's I could not hear in my right ear. I was attending important meetings and a colleague/advisor would often whisper in my right ear important information that I needed to make decisions. I finally got over my pride and sought help from hearing specialists and was told that I would not get better in the right ear and to live with it. So I did. I also knew that my career would probably come to an end and I wasn't ready for that; I couldn't put others in jeopardy due to my pride.

Fast forward 3 years, now in my early 50's. I followed some research and technology advancements that Beltone was making in their hearing aids. I finally saw that they had come out with some technology that just might help. Beltone was also offering “free hearing tests” and although I had already had many tests I thought I would give it one more shot or I would just have to retire early, something I really didn't want to do. My wife and I went to my local Beltone and I met Brian Wells, I was nervous. He was very understanding and made feel comfortable, not embarrassed or ashamed. Brian put me through some hearing tests. Brian fitted me with hearing aids and my world changed; it was awesome to hear in my right ear again. I could now hear my colleague whisper to me at meetings and I didn't miss a thing. I know this may sound like an advertisement by now, but it isn't; my world really changed. I was able to continue working without concern. I have now retired after a successful career, but my story doesn't stop there.

Although I kept in contact with Brian and Beltone a couple of times a year not much had changed. It was a chance meeting at an Expo that Brian was working in the Beltone booth next to a campaign booth that I was working. After a few minutes of talking Brian offered me some “state of the art” Beltone hearing aids to wear during the Expo. He had programed them for the Expo. I wore them and at the end of the Expo offered some programming suggestions. About 2 weeks later I went into Beltone for my regular visit. Brian again offered me the opportunity to “test” them out for a few weeks. Within a week I was convinced that these new hearing aids were absolutely phenomenal. I was hearing things that even my other hearing aids were missing. Music never sounded so good! I could hear better than ever in crowded restaurants and other crowded situations. I could carry on conversations without missing a word.

I recommend Beltone and particularly Brian Wells to everybody. Brian Wells will make you feel totally at ease.

Thanks Brian!!
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