Dr. Raymond Mis chooses Beltone:

Nearly a year and a half after I developed the hearing deficit, I was declared legally blind due to a condition called optic nerve atrophy. So it became more important that if I was to use hearing aids, then I would need something that would be very simple to handle, even something for an individual with low vision. And that's something that did come across, that's something that I did have, and it makes it very simple.

It's important for me, as a physician, to listen. I teach medical students, and part of what I do is to teach them if you listen to your patient, they're going to tell you what's wrong with them. And I found that I was having quite a bit of difficulty. That was in my professional life. In my personal life, as a father and a husband, I noticed that I was having even more difficulties at home. I found that simply watching TV with my family, everyone was resting comfortably in the couch or the loveseat, or in the room, and I was struggling to follow what was going on, on the television. I was struggling to listen, and what was being said within a room. I knew that there was something significant.

Without the hearing aids, being visually impaired, I kind of feel isolated. But once I'm able to put the hearing aids in my ears, almost immediately, I'm in touch with my surroundings. Something that I can't see, but can sense with my hearing sense–and that brings life back to me.

The most noticeable time of my hearing loss, and using my hearing aids, is first thing in the morning. I'll awake in the morning, can't hear many sounds rustling, take a shower, get out of bed, get ready for work. And then I slip my hearing aids in, and suddenly, I can hear the birds chirping, I can hear my dog breathing, and maybe even someone in my house snoring, and that makes all the difference in the world. It's like the world comes to life again.

My experience with Beltone has been that of only praise, and of a great experience. The people in their offices at all levels make me feel as if I'm a part of a family, and part of a team. And all of them have taken a personal interest even in my own story, in my own medical history. And that's very important, because certainly some of the challenges that I faced weren't easy to overcome and having somebody to walk with me on that early journey made all the difference in the world.

If I can't rely on my sight all the times, I have to rely on the things I hear around me, to help guide me and navigate me through my day. I'm a believer that to be a good communicator, you also have to be a good listener, and if my own ears won't help me with that, I have to rely on technology.

For many people that I come into contact with in my own medical practice, developing a hearing loss sometimes is the admission that we're getting older. And for many, that's difficult. But I found that if I can give any advice, it's important that we put our egos in our back pocket. I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank Beltone, and the makers of these devices for this because it really has brought much of my life back.
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