The Office Visit – Overview

At Beltone, we use a precise, multi-step process that helps us get to know you and personalize your hearing care.

  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Health History
  • Hearing Evaluation
  • Explanation of Results
  • Demonstration (if hearing aids prescribed)
  • Fitting and Delivery (if hearing aids purchased)

First, we learn about your lifestyle, health history and hearing goals. Then, we give you a thorough hearing evaluation, and carefully explain your results.

Fitting situation dispenserOften, no hearing loss is found, and we look forward to seeing you the following year for your annual exam.

Sometimes, we discover a hearing loss that's caused by a temporary condition, such as ear wax or an ear infection. In those cases, hearing aids are unnecessary.

If we do find a hearing loss treatable with hearing aids, we'll recommend the hearing aids best for you, based on several factors. With so many Beltone hearing aids, choosing the right style and model is easy.

Of course, trying on hearing aids in the office will give you a good idea of what to expect. And, once we program your new hearing aids to help you exactly where you need it, better hearing is all yours!

Make the smart move and call Beltone. After all, the earlier hearing loss is detected and treated, the slower it progresses. Conversely, the longer hearing loss is ignored, the worse it gets. Because hearing loss often appears gradually, you may be unaware of its onset—so book your baseline hearing screening today.