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whooshing sound in ear being evaluated by hearing care professional

Whooshing Sound in Ear: Possible Causes and Treatment Options

Find out what could be causing the whooshing sound in your ear, and more importantly, what you can do about it.
football and pads sitting on a football field

Sports Personalities and Athletes Who Use Hearing Aids

We’re celebrating athletes who wear hearing aids to highlight how overcoming hearing loss has contributed to their success.
itchy ears being checked by a doctor

Itchy Ears: Causes, Solutions, and How to Keep Your Ears Happy

Let’s clear up some misconceptions and dive deep into the world of itchy ears.
smallest hearing aid being worn by a man shown in profile

Smallest Hearing Aid: What to Know and How to Buy

You may wonder which type of hearing aid is the smallest, or which style is the most comfortable for you.
animals with amazing hearing

Fun Facts: Animals With Amazing Hearing

Dive into the fascinating world of animal hearing and discover some mind-blowing facts about animal ears.
tinnitus making man hold ear in discomfort

Pulse in Ear: Possible Causes and Treatment Options

Can you hear the sound of your heartbeat in your ears? Read ahead to learn more about this surprisingly common symptom.