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What are affordable hearing aids?

If you are considering hearing aids, then you have a great choice of different digital hearing aid designs, technologies, and features covering the full spectrum of price ranges.

You can find everything from top-of-the-range hearing aids with the very latest innovations in hearing technology to hearing aids that do not compromise on great features but cost less. Taking care of your hearing with a hearing solution that is ideal for you is an investment in your quality of life, which is why there are many parameters to think of as well as price. Beltone is committed to being right beside you  every step of the way to better hearing, ready to advise you on style and cost options.

Qualities of the best affordable hearing aids 

Finding the right Beltone hearing solution for your lifestyle and type of hearing loss is as important as whether you choose expensive or inexpensive digital hearing aids.

Choosing the best affordable hearing aids certainly does not mean you have to compromise on quality. Beltone offers something to suit your needs, whatever they may be. You can be confident that there is a perfect option for you. 

Affordable hearing aids available in Beltone placing on outdoor table

Excellent, natural sound quality and being able to hear and understand speech in noisy situations and on the phone are high on the list of priorities for many people with hearing loss.

Beltone hearing aids, including our most affordable hearing aids, deliver all of that thanks to innovative and intuitive technology that adapts to how you like to listen and live your life.
affordable hearing aids offered by Beltone that provide good sound quality and allows you to enjoy outdoor gathering with friends and family

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Affordable hearing aids based on real needs

All hearing aids from Beltone, including our most affordable hearing aids, are built on a legacy of client-led  design and service that remains at the forefront of everything we do – from research and development to manufacturing to care.

So, when you choose hearing aids from Beltone, you will enjoy an experience only possible with hearing aids from a company that has been helping people hear better for nearly 80 years. You will benefit from tested and proven premium technology. You are also sure to appreciate our hearing care professionals. They take the time to get to know you to ensure personalized care, tailored to you, every time.

affordable hearing aids with charger that offers rechargeability option by Beltone
Affordable hearing aids with clear, comfortable sound 
Beltone Rely hearing aids provide clear, comfortable sound that feels natural and makes your path to better hearing as easy as possible.  And when hearing takes less effort, you will feel more confident, more energetic, and better able to be a part of the conversation. 
Direct streaming to affordable hearing aids 

Would you like to clearly hear the voice of your loved ones on the phone, or get lost in your favorite audiobook or music playlist? You can with audio streamed from your iOS or Android device right to your hearing aids thanks to Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.

From Beltone Imagine, the hearing aid that provides the closest thing to natural hearing, to Beltone Rely, which offers tested and proven technology at an affordable price, our entire portfolio lets you do just that. You can also enjoy a movie night on TV with your family at your own volume, or stream someone’s voice directly into your hearing aids with the help of our Beltone wireless accessories.

Affordable hearing aids that let you focus on speech

Some digital hearing aids cancel out sounds coming from behind you or to your sides, which can mean that you miss important information about your environment.

Hearing aids from Beltone, including our most affordable hearing aids, are different. They filter out background noise and let you focus on the speech you want to hear – even in noisy situations. Nevertheless, you will be able to remain aware of other sounds. You will not be bothered by background noise, but you will still know what is going on around you.

Affordable hearing aids from Beltone: Beltone Rely
Meet a solution you can always rely on. Beltone Rely hearing aids help you hear the sounds that matter most.  They deliver great sound quality, long-lasting rechargeability, and a comfortable design that fits you. You will never miss a thing and you will get everything you need to feel confident in any sound environment.
affordable hearing aids available - Beltone Rely
Wireless accessories for affordable hearing aids

Every hearing aid from Beltone, including our most affordable hearing aids, is compatible with a full portfolio of intuitive, wireless hearing-aid accessories for extra help in particularly challenging situations. They all work together in a single integrated system.

You can use the Beltone Phone Link 2 to stream from any Bluetooth phone – even flip phones. Beltone myPAL Micro and Pro can stream a loved one's voice right to your hearing aids. Or you can use the Beltone TV Link 2 to stream sound from the TV, so the whole family can enjoy entertainment easily and comfortably together.

hearing aid wireless accessories compatible with affordable hearing aids
Beltone myPAL Micro & Pro

Enjoy the convenience of streaming voices directly to your hearing aids. Beltone myPAL Micro and Pro clip on to a conversation partner’s  clothing, so you can hear them speaking from up 25 meters (80 feet) away. Or use the mini-jack input to transform your hearing aids into headphones. 

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Beltone TV Link 2

Stream sound from the TV or stereo, and easily enjoy entertainment at the perfect volume together with others.

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Beltone Phone Link 2

Stream phone calls from any Bluetooth enabled phone – even flip phones – to both ears in stereo. You can also mute background noise while you talk and stream other audio, such as music and podcasts.

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A unique hearing experience

Your ears and hearing are as unique as you are. That is why all our hearing aids, including affordable Beltone Rely, come with Beltone HearMax™. Beltone HearMax is a free app that lets you discreetly and easily personalize your hearing aids from the screen of an iOS or Android device. The Beltone HearMax app also helps you get started with your new affordable hearing aids with simple on-screen instructions and helpful tips.

With all of its key features accessible with a simple tap on the main screen, Beltone HearMax lets you adjust volume, change programs, assign programs to locations, find your lost hearing aids, and much more.

Hearing aid apps compatible with your affordable hearing aids - Beltone HearMax app
Guidance for your affordable hearing aids

The Beltone HearMax app also lets you reach out remotely to your hearing care professional to ask questions or request changes to your hearing aids’ settings using our video chat feature Beltone Remote Care Live.

You can even supplement clinic visits with convenient, time-saving live video sessions. That means you will enjoy continuous support and the individual guidance you need in the most convenient and comfortable way. It is all designed to help you get the most out of your hearing aids from Beltone including our most affordable hearing aids.

woman using hearing aid app to request remote assistance services - Beltone HearMax app

A complete portfolio of affordable hearing aids

Every hearing loss is different from every other hearing loss. The best hearing aids, including the best affordable hearing aids, should include a complete portfolio of different types of hearing aids.

There should be a hearing aid to suit every hearing loss and personal preference. From small Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) models to Behind-the-Ear (BTE) styles, to affordable custom hearing aids that sit entirely in the ear for people with mild to moderate hearing losses, there is a Beltone Rely model for everyone.

 custom hearing aid style available for affordable hearing aids - Beltone
Custom hearing aids are made from an earmold created by your hearing care professional. Worn inside the ear canal and nearly invisible, they are often considered the most discreet hearing aid option. Their small size also means that there may not be room for some features needed by people with more severe hearing loss. So custom hearing aids are generally recommended for people with mild to moderate hearing losses.
Receiver-in-Ear hearing aid style available for affordable hearing aids - Beltone
Receiver-in-Ear hearing aids consist of a receiver that sits inside the ear and is connected by a thin tube to a small device behind the ear. Because the receiver is separated from the rest of the hearing aid, they are the smallest kind of hearing aids worn outside the ear canal.
Behind-in-Ear hearing aid style available for affordable hearing aids - Beltone
Behind-the-Ear hearing aids are similar to Receiver-in-Ear hearing aids, but all the essential components of the hearing aid are worn behind the ear. They suit a wide range of hearing losses and provide a discreet solution with ample amplification.

What is your favorite color?

Do you want hearing aids that match the color of your eyes? Or hearing aids that blend in discreetly with the color of your skin? Or do want a match for whatever color you happen to like best?

Whatever your personal style, you will find a Beltone hearing aid to suit it. Because just because your hearing aids from Beltone are affordable hearing aids, there is no reason they should not suit your individual preferences.

Schedule your free hearing appointment

Would you like to learn more about which hearing aids from Beltone are right for you? Now is the time to find a hearing care professional near you – one who will be your hearing partner every step of the way.

They will evaluate your hearing loss, talk to you about your needs and personal preferences, and help you find the perfect hearing aid regardless of your hearing loss, preferences, and lifestyle. Whether it is our top-of-the-line hearing aids or our most affordable hearing aids. Whether it is a Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) model, a Behind-the-Ear (BTE), or an affordable custom hearing aid. Our hearing care partners are experts on every Beltone product.

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