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Beltone adds receiver-in-the-ear model to its award-winning Beltone True line-up
New Beltone True 64DW wireless RIE features Telecoil and volume control.
CHICAGO, October 2011 – Beltone has added the Beltone True 64DW wireless RIE to its award-winning Beltone True™ line-up. The new 64DW wireless RIE is the first full-featured receiver-in-the-ear model in the Beltone True product line, a new generation of Bluetooth-compatible hearing instruments that wirelessly receive sound directly from TV, cell/home phone, stereo, PC and iPod via a 2.4 GHz signal.

“Many patients prefer the receiver-in-the-ear model because of its lightweight and nearly invisible design,” says John Cariola, Director of Product Management. “With the addition of volume control and telecoil technology, the new 64DW wireless RIE offers the best of the Beltone True in a receiver-in-the-ear model.”

The new 64DW wireless RIE incorporates all of the Beltone True features into a versatile, ultra-thin receiver-in-the-ear model. Available in two power levels, it offers a multi toggle button, telecoil, and volume control. Placed inside of the hearing aid, the telecoil allows the wearer to hear with better clarity at locations that offer an induction “Loop” system such as theatres, auditoriums, or home set-ups. Its Wind Noise Reduction feature improves sound quality in windy environments and enables the wearer to better enjoy outdoor activities.

All RIE models offer the most advanced hearing instrument protection available, including the application of HPF80 NanoBlock to prevent damage due to moisture, humidity, and ear wax.

The 64DW wireless RIE is available in Beltone True 17, True 9, and True 6 models and is compatible with all of the Beltone Direct Line wireless accessories.

The Beltone True received the prestigious International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award, earning top honors in the health and wellness category. The line's innovative features include the following:
  • Direct TV Link – Direct 2.4 GHz wireless connection to television, stereo or computer allows the listener to comfortably enjoy entertainment with others while also participating in conversation in the room.
  • Direct Phone Link – Accessories give wearers broad sound and program. customization, and allow direct connection to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.
  • Auto-Phone – Automatically turns on when the phone comes near the ear
  • Feedback Eraser – Automatically eliminates the uncomfortable and embarrassing ringing that feedback can cause in the ear.
  • Spatial Directionality – Lets the wearer focus on speech while retaining awareness of background sounds.
  • Speech Spotter Pro – Automatically distinguishes between speech and noise, allowing the wearer to more easily follow conversations in noisy places such as restaurants.