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Beltone announces its hearing aid charity foundation
New charitable organization donates hearing aids to local individuals and organizations.

(June, 2014) Chicago, IL – Beltone, a leader in hearing aids for over 70 years, has announced the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that will donate hearing instruments to those in need of hearing help who may otherwise be unable to access it. Both individuals and organizations are eligible to receive assistance from the Foundation through direct nominations by Beltone staff or network members.

“Beltone has always had the mission of helping the world hear better through our products and professional hearing care services,” said Beltone President Todd Murray. “This Foundation gives our members a new path to achieve this mission by helping deserving individuals enrich their quality of life.”

Throughout its 70-year history, Beltone and its network members have sought out creative ways to help hearing impaired individuals gain access to their innovative products and services. The Beltone Foundation is the latest example of how the company is helping achieve this goal.

“There are no words to describe what we are experiencing here. We fit a 12-year-old girl who heard her family for the first time. It brought tears to anyone who saw it,” said a Beltone member. “These communities have so much hope and courage, it is truly inspiring. It puts life in perspective.”

Beltone has helped enrich the quality of life for countless hearing impaired individuals in the United States and around the world. By combining new technologies and superior care, the Beltone Hearing Care Foundation will give many people the opportunity to hear.