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Beltone introduces myPAL
New device is the latest addition to Beltones personal wireless network.
(December 2011) CHICAGO, IL – Beltone has introduced the Beltone Personal Audio Link (myPAL) to its award-winning Beltone True™ line-up. Beltone myPAL wirelessly streams sound directly to the Beltone True hearing aids via a 2.4 GHz signal, without the need for a relay device. The Beltone myPAL device can be placed on a person's lapel, near a TV, phone or connected directly to an MP3 player, offering the hearing aid wearer unsurpassed clarity and improved signal-to-noise ratio.

The latest addition to Beltone's Personal Wireless Network™, myPAL will help users hear in noisy environments like restaurants, lectures or meetings and clearly transmits sound up to 20 feet away. It also features an easy access on/off switch and easy to use volume control. Its batteries are rechargeable via USB or wall outlets.

“Beltone myPAL gives the user unprecedented flexibility, discretion and clarity,” says John Cariola, Director of Product Management. “Beltone True wearers can hear without straining or needing to wear a relay device.”

myPAL is available with the following innovative Beltone True hearing aid models:

  • Beltone True wireless miniBTE – The smallest thin-tube miniBTE on the market
  • Beltone True RIE – The world's smallest receiver-in-the-ear model
  • Beltone True Flex BTE – The first Flex behind-the-ear model that can be converted to normal power, high-power and open configurations
  • Beltone True MIC – The discrete microphone-in-concha customizable model that amplifies sound more naturally for better performance

The Beltone True received the prestigious International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award, earning top honors in the health and wellness category.